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We at the e3light Group know the value of strong partnerships. This is why we have started strategic cooperation with some of the world’s leading players in a number of areas. This enables us to strengthen both our product range and our focus on environmentally sustainable production.

General Electric is one of the largest companies in the world. Ever since Thomas Edison created the first incandescent bulb aimed at the commercial market, GE has always been at the cutting edge of innovation.

As a strategic partner of GE, the e3light Group can offer its customers attractive solutions from one of the world’s leading lighting brands

WindMade is the first global consumer label identifying products and companies made with wind energy. Vestas, UN Global Compact, and WWF are among the founding partners. The e3light Group is 100 per cent WindMade certified - meaning that all e3light products are produced solely by the use of wind energy.

Cree is a market leader within lighting products, LED components and semiconductor products for electricity and radio frequency applications.

Cree is one of e3light PRO’s most important subsuppliers

Bridgelux is an American LED manufacturer that delivers application specific solutions, which contribute to opening new markets within SSL (solid state lighting).

Bridgelux is one of e3light PRO’s most important subsuppliers

e3light Group is part of Zhaga. Zhaga promotes the interchangeability of LED light engines for all applications in general lighting by specifying their interfaces and enabling easy identification of Zhaga compliant products.

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

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