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Career options

With more than 800 employees on a global level and activities in six countries, e3light Group is a workplace with many different and attractive career options.
If you are interested in being considered for a job opportunity with us, please send us your CV and an unsolicited job application.


e3light Group has a dedicated sales team that handles all kinds of sales. From minor reorders to major customized lighting solutions, where we act as a strategic partner for the customer.
e3light Group is selling to the retail market as well as the professional market through e3light Retail and e3light Pro.

Graphic department

e3light Group has an in-house graphic department in charge of all design tasks in connection with the marketing of our products - this includes a number of private label products, where we provide a complete solution in terms of packing design and POS material.


An innovative approach to logistics has given e3light Group a number of important competitive advantages, and we are constantly working on developing our solutions – from the early phases of our production till the customer takes the product off the shelf in the shop. In this way we are very focused on making our own production, packaging and delivery work, and on providing a total solution that suits the logistics of our customers in the best way.

Development and production

Innovative product development is the cornerstone of e3light Group’s success, and we are working hard to remain in the frontline of innovation. e3light Group develops and produces a range of different light sources with a special expertise within LED. We have our own production facilities in China, and all product development and production take place in a close co-operation between our Danish development department and our Chinese productions.

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