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e3light Group

Light matters. A world without electrical light is unimaginable. We are surrounded by it and depend on it. At e3light Group our goal is to provide light sources and lighting in a smarter way, not just in order to create energy-efficient light and lighting solutions, but also to limit the impact on the environment. e3light Group offers you the opportunity to choose light that matters.

e3light Retail

Our retail division is one of the world leaders in setting up partnerships with retailers, being a full range supplier of light and lighting and supplying more than 30.000 stores. With the fast development of light sources in this product category, it is important to be innovative in both product development and sales to comply with the constantly evolving consumer demand as well as making optimization of sales and profits for retailers.

e3light Pro

e3light Pro is your strategic lighting partner - we design, develop and produce lighting solutions for businesses all over the world. Through a creative Scandinavian approach to product development we stay at the front of innovation. e3light Pro makes it possible to overcome a complex challenge all modern businesses face today: Uniting superior quality of light with an improved bottom line while helping cut CO2 emissions.

“e3light Group generate the vital stability between a cleaner environment, good lives and effective business."​

Morten Wind LübkerManaging Director

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